Thursday, January 29, 2009

Congratulations Coach Tomlin

Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin was awarded the Motorola NFL Coach of the Year award - and he richly deserves it. Leading the Steelers to an improved record in his second season as coach - as well as a Super Bowl berth - makes Tomlin an ideal coach of the year!

Of course, this is not the big coach of the year award, which is presented by the Associated Press. That award was won by Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons (another good choice for coach of the year). Actually, there were a LOT of good candidates this year... you could not complain about Ken Whisenhunt or Tony Sparano or even Bill Belichick... err... wait-a-minute. I think I could complain if that cheater won anything. He did a good job without Brady this year but he will forever be branded a big fat cheater in my book.

Tomlin did not get a single vote for the AP award, which is ridiculous. The Motorola award was voted on by the fans. So I guess the fans and the press differ substantially on what comprises a coach of the year. Not surprising...

But anyway, kudos to Coach Tomlin! Steelers Nation is behind you... lead us to victory this Sunday!

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